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28 April 2014

Difference between Selling and Marketing

The market is a place for economic transactions. The buying and selling are two sides of the same "coin" that is "transaction'. Selling is different from marketing. While selling means offering to exchange something (intangible or tangible) of value for something else, marketing means much more. Selling is a part or component of marketing. Marketing may start even before production of goods and services. Marketing involves analyzing consumer needs, securing information needed to design and produce goods or services that match buyer expectations, creating, and maintaining relationships with customers and suppliers. The selling starts from the factory in case of tangible goods, while marketing starts in the market place. The focus of selling is "product or service" which exists, while the focus of marketing is "customer needs". The means of selling is a sale and to conclude a sale depends upon the "Persuading art" of the sales person, means of marketing is a complex, integrated and interdependent factors. The ultimate end of selling is profit while the ultimate end of the marketing is "Customer satisfaction". A common person, due to continuous exposure to advertising and personal selling links marketing and selling. There are some misconceptions or myths regarding the selling and marketing, biggest of which is "Marketing and selling are synonymous". The other myths are: 1. Marketing job is to create good advertising campaign 2. Marketing means to push the product to customer. 3. Marketing is transaction oriented. 4. Marketing is short term strategy 5. Marketing is an independent function. 6. Marketing is part of selling. Both marketing and selling promote a product or service but marketing involves selling, promoting, educating and exciting people about a product or service. Marketing builds a brand.

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